Nutrition Tips for Patients

Nutrition therapy tips for cancer patients undergoing treatment:

  • Screening and assessment should be done before treatment begins, and continue during treatment.
    • Screening looks for risks in patients and assessments determine if nutrition therapy is needed to correct a problem.
  • Detecting nutrition problems early on can improve patient’s prognosis.
    • Treating nutrition problems in underweight or malnourished patients can lessen their side effects during treatment and help recovery.
  • A healthcare team should continue to watch for nutrition problems throughout treatment.
    • This team may include a physician, nurse, registered dietitian, social worker, and psychologist.

The goals of nutrition therapy for cancer patients in active treatment or recovery:

  • Prevent further nutrition problems
  • Decrease side effects due to treatment
  • Help strengthen patient’s immune system
  • Help the body recover and heal
  • Improve or maintain the quality of life


The above information is summarized from content released by the National Cancer Institute.